Thursday, August 9, 2012

Little Caesars Pizza Kit

Hello Everyone!

A new year of Community Dance Ensemble has started which means it’s fundraising time again.

We perform ballet, tap, jazz and modern dance at special events, schools, benefit concerts, nursing homes, hospitals, parks and fairs throughout New England.  We also learn a lot by attending master classes, conventions, and educational concerts.

To help with the cost we are doing a Little Caesar’s Pizza Kit Fundraiser.  If you are interested in purchasing a pizza kit, please let my mom know.  Her email is  We will even deliver to Rhode Island.  A percentage of the money I earn will also go into my personal dance fund for trips and special classes.  My mom plans on ordering some of the personal pizzas for the next time my cousins come.  We love pizza parties! 


pizza 0


Traditional Pizza Kits

pizza 1


pizza 2

Personal Pizza Kits & Variety Meals Kits

pizza 3


pizza 4


pizza 5

Bread and Salad Kits

pizza 6


pizza 7


pizza 8

pizza 9


pizza 10

Snacks & Specialty Items





Thank you for looking, bye.

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